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SageLex is a cutting-edge, web-based legal management system tailored for legal practitioners and law firms seeking streamlined office operations.
Our software is designed for effortless navigation and efficient functionality, ensuring a seamless experience in managing crucial information regarding clients, cases, hearings dates,Tasks,Banking,Invoice,Expense,Reports,Messages,To Do List,Contacts and more. Unlike traditional systems, SageLex doesn’t just offer ease of use—it provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features meticulously crafted to optimize your legal workflow.

From intuitive case management to simplified client communication, SageLex redefines legal management by offering a robust, user-friendly solution for today’s legal professionals.

Kindly note that I offer support exclusively to verified SageLex buyers. To authenticate your purchase, please reach out to me via my profile page here.

SageLex is provided ‘as is‘. For any code customization or design-related queries, freelance work is available. To discuss script customizations, feel free to contact me through Envato Market.

Support : support

Demo Video https://app.screencast.com/0183TCk1xhUvc

Demo Url https://sagelexdemo.waridev.com/Account/Login

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