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The Cases page provides a comprehensive overview and management interface for all cases within the system. It offers a range of functionalities to efficiently handle case-related information.

Here’s an outline of the features available on the Cases page:

  1. Content List of Cases:
    • Displays a comprehensive list of all cases registered within the system.
    • Provides essential case details such as case names, numbers, statuses, and associated parties.
  2. Edit Cases:
    • Enables authorized users to modify and update existing case information directly from the interface.
    • Allows adjustments to case names, numbers, parties involved, and other pertinent details.
  3. Hearing Dates:
    • Facilitates the inclusion and management of scheduled hearing dates for each case.
    • Offers a clear view of upcoming and past hearings for effective case scheduling and tracking.
  4. View Details:
    • Allows users to access in-depth details of individual cases.
    • Provides a comprehensive view of case histories, documents, related communications, and associated actions.
  5. Create New Cases:
    • Empowers authorized users to create new cases directly from the interface.
    • Streamlines the process by allowing the addition of case details, parties involved, and initial information effortlessly.
  6. Export to PDF and Excel:
    • Offers the functionality to export case data into PDF or Excel formats for external use or archival purposes.
    • Enables seamless extraction of case-related information in user-preferred formats.

The Cases page serves as a centralized hub for effective case management, providing a range of tools and options to handle, monitor, and organize case-related data efficiently.

Please note that access to certain functionalities might be restricted based on user roles and permissions set within the system. For more detailed instructions on utilizing specific features, refer to the user guide or contact the system administrator for assistance.

This documentation aims to assist users in navigating the Cases page effectively, empowering them to efficiently manage and monitor cases within the system.


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